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A structure adapted to your needs, where our clients' projects are our priority

Pneumatis, a French company with over 25 years of expertise, is specialized in the design and manufacture of air suspension systems.

A major market leader in the industrial, rail, agriculture and industrial vehicles sectors, Pneumatis stands apart from its competitors, with its extensive know-how and attentiveness, acquired through its reactivity and its human scale.

From defining the specifications to the creation of a prototype or the launching of a series, our commercial and technical teams are available and accessible.

From Dunlop CPVI to Pneumatis

Founded in 1992, Dunlop CPVI, Pneumatis' predecessor, was initially a trading company. Its founders, Jean-Louis Guérin (formerly of the Dunlop France group), and Christophe Gérard, having understood that there was no integrator for the manufacture of air cushions, rapidly turned it into a major player.

Thus, they decided to create this specialist to meet the needs of their clients, and in particular to be able to offer them solutions adapted for added customer value ... conceived, designed and developed 100% in France. The product ranges developed rapidly, thus creating the new role of “system designer” for air suspension systems, making it possible to create air suspension systems adapted to each Client.

The differences

After creating many products and applications, in 1998 Pneumatis was awarded the gold medal for the Exel Group for development of air systems in the agricultural sector. Our increased experience in all areas, including rail, was rewarded when, in 2010, with our air cushions mounted on pantograph, we won the TGV “World Speed Record”.

In 2018 we celebrated our 25-year anniversary.

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