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Medical, laundry ...

In use as an anti-vibration cushion to isolate machines such as scanners in the medical field but also industrial washing machines in the laundry sector ...; the uses as vibration isolation are very widespread in the industrial field.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Steel mill, sawmill ...

In difficult environments (working with steel or wood), where the loads are heavy and sometimes high in temperature, the question of amortization is regularly at the center of the problems.

Food industry and livestock

Where hygiene and resistance issues are at the heart of production, such as when bottling milk, the Pneumatisme Inox bellows are THE ultra-resistant solution for applications of this type.

Railway, primary suspension

Suspensions for train bogies, but also for tram. As the rail industry has drastic standards, Pneumatis quality has already proven its worth.

Pantograph suspension

In the midst of extreme conditions and drastic standards, high-speed trains need products that meet all railway standards.

The constraints faced by products on pantographs make Pneumatis bellows products of high technology and high quality.

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