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traitement caoutchouc pneumatis

Pneumatis know-how and quality processes

Weaving, stamping, vulcanization ... are all processes that we master. Pneumatis products undergo numerous tests. Associated with sourcing to obtain the best product quality, the tests guarantee a high level of technicality.

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test effort des coussins d'air Pneumatis

Respecting a high level of quality throughout the life of the product, Pneumatis engineers establish an annual plan of controls and tests.

Guarantor of performance, safety and longevity, quality, longevity and burst tests are carried out by our teams.

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30000 références produits pneumatisindustrie, pneumatis, industrie suspensions pneumatiques

An integrated design office

Present in France, at the heart of the company, the Pneumatis design office has the latest tools, qualified engineers, but also quality controllers.

Guarantors of product monitoring at each stage of their life, the engineers of the design office are in constant contact with the company's players in the field.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

We act for and with you

Pneumatis logistics experts coordinate all activities related to the movement of products by intervening in various fields such as conditioning, packaging, storage and of course distribution in order to ensure the best delivery solution.

4,500 m2 of storage and more than

30,000 references in stock

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